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SSR Confidential Resource Post

SSR Confidential is an Agent Carter fanworks exchange (fic and art). I am your mod, sholio. Contact me with any questions.

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2018 AO3 Collection
Rules and Dates
Tag Set (Text version)
Resources for fanworks creators (screencaps, wikis, etc)
• Letters post: On LJ | On DW

2018 Schedule:
• March 12-18: Nominations.
• March 20-30: Signups.
• April 1-ish: Assignments go out.
• May 1: No-fault dropout deadline.
• June 1: Fanworks due.
• June 8: Archive goes live.
• June 15: Reveals.

Past years:
2016 AO3 Collection
2017 AO3 Collection
Winter Sunlight

Creator names are revealed!

The anonymous period is over, so fanworks in the 2018 SSR Confidential collection are now revealed with their creators' names attached! Feel free to repost your creation elsewhere, share on social media, etc.

Thank you again for everyone who made this a fantastic, record-breaking SSR Confidential! If you remember that thing we did waaayyyy back at the beginning with kitschily-titled goals, I haven't gone through that to figure out how many of the goals we hit, but we definitely hit at least some of them. A post on that will be coming up soon-ish.

Thank you for participating and I hope to see you back in 2019!
Winter Sunlight

It's here!

The 2018 SSR Confidential collection has been revealed! You should be receiving notification emails shortly.


We have a record 42 fanworks in the collection this time - fic, art, and vids; gen, f/f, het, poly, and m/m. I hope you enjoy browsing the archive, and don't forget to leave a comment for the person who made something for you!

Despite the late unveiling, creators will still be revealed on the 15th as planned. Feel free to continue adding treats during the anonymous period.

Thank you to everyone involved (creators, pinch hitters, cheerleaders, brainstormers, signal-boosters, and other helpers) for making this our biggest exchange yet!

If anything is terribly wrong with your gift, or if you otherwise encounter glitches in the collection, please contact me immediately and I’ll see what I can do.
Winter Sunlight

Pinch hit #1

Details under the cut. If you would like to claim this pinch hit, please leave a comment (they're screened) or PM me. This pinch hit is due at the same time as regular SSR Confidential assignments, on June 1.

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Assignments are out!

The assignments are all sent! Check your emails! You should have gotten an email with your assignment by now.

Your assignments are due on June 1.

Please contact me via PM, email, or ask if you have a problem with your assignment. Otherwise, follow us on Dreamwidth or on Tumblr for fun, games, discussion, and brainstorming posts from now 'til the end of May!

Because the LJ community has been so quiet this year, I will simply be posting on LJ to redirect people to the other mirror sites, and keep the discussion and games posts over there to avoid spreading them out over too many sites. Anonymous comments are turned on at the DW comm, so you should be able to participate; let me know if there are any problems. All notifications will still be crossposted here, however!
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Signups closed!

Signups are closed and matching will take place over the next couple of days. I hope to have assignments out tomorrow but it may be as late as the 2nd or 3rd depending on how the matching process and RL go.

We have 27 signups this year, which is the most we've ever had. Go AC fandom!

I'll try to get a post about games/challenges up later today, but it might take a backseat to challenge matching, in which case it'll be up in a few days.

Last day to sign up

This is the last day to sign up for SSR Confidential! I plan to close signups when I get up tomorrow, so signups will be open throughout March 30 in all time zones, and for the early part of March 31st in some.

Sign up here!

We have 26 people signed up so far, which is as many as we had the first year, and more than last year. :D

I got some great suggestions for games and challenges to play while the fest is running, so there will be a post soon about that.
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Help me think of some challenges!

One thing I've noticed more exchanges doing lately is having challenges and other games during the creation period. I'm going to try to do some things along those lines this year. These are not at all mandatory; you don't have to participate. They're just to add some extra fun and help make people more enthusiastic.

Last year I had a prompt submission post and I'll do that again this year (right after signups close, rather than much closer to deadline as it was last year - because I didn't think of it 'til May). What else might we do that'd be fun? Here are some other exchanges that have extra side challenges running during the main exchange, so you can see what they've done:

May the 4th: https://maythe4thbewithyou.dreamwidth.org/11177.html
Trick or Treat: https://trickortreatex.dreamwidth.org/20860.html

We are a very small exchange compared to these, so something like the Trick or Treat bingo card probably wouldn't work. To be honest I have very few ideas for what we could do, which is why I'm soliciting input! I do really love the idea of doing some kind of treat challenge - seeing how many treats we can get in the archive this year.

What else can you think of?

Letters post

If you'd like to link your "dear creator" letter here to make it easier for people to treat you, please leave a link in the comments! A suggested template:

AO3 username:
Letter link:
Fanwork type(s) requested:

It's fine if you use pairing abbreviations (e.g. Cartinelli) or don't use characters' full names. It's a small enough fandom I don't think people will have trouble figuring out what you mean.

Having a "dear creator" letter is entirely optional, as is linking it here. It's just a fun extra if you'd like to do it.