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Plot bunny hutch (aka prompt sharing station!)

It's just about three weeks until the June 1 deadline, and I really meant to do this sooner! This is the first in a series of inspiration posts for anyone who might be struggling with their assignment, or just could use a little motivation.

Obviously there's only so far we can go with prompts and brainstorming posts since the assignments are anonymous, but a slight risk of compromised anonymity is totally worth it for more fic, art, and vids we'll all enjoy, right? Right! (Also, anon commenting is on, so feel free to comment that way.)

First up: PROMPT SHARING STATION (or, plot bunny hutch). If you have an idea that you'd like to set free to a good home, please post it as a comment here!

Similarly, if you are stuck and would like to ask if anyone's got some prompts for [insert pairing here], go right ahead. (You might want to be anonymous for that one.)

Feel free to encourage a prompt you want to see, discuss/brainstorm on prompts, and so forth. Just keep it positive, please -- no trashing other people's prompts or pairings.

You do NOT have to use these exclusively for SSR Confidential fanworks. Maybe your assignment is Peggy/Angie, but someone leaves a gorgeous Peggy/Dottie prompt that you just HAVE to write. Or maybe there's a Peggy/Angie prompt that really speaks to you, but it's AU and your recipient doesn't like that. Write it anyway! You could gift it to someone in the exchange as a treat, or just post it on your own.

Also, you do not need to be signed up to leave a prompt, and prompts do not need to be claimed if you decide to write one.

Prompts! Go!

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